Funeral & Memorial Services 

A number of individuals and familes have opted to host a service at the Barrow either for a placement of ashes or as an alternative venue to the Crematorium. We work very closely with families to create the service they would like to honour the person whose life they are celebrating. There are no set rules at the barrow we empower families to create a truly unique event from small intimate family picnics to larger Celebrant led services with music. 
It is important for services to be as unique as the life that they are celebrating. We give the families as much time as they require at no cost and close the barrow so they can have privacy.
For more information about how we can help you to create the service you want please call us on 01234 780 280.
Alternative Unique Funeral

At our barrows we witness intimate, beautiful, personalised ceremonies. When ashes are ‘placed’ into your niche there are no time constraints, just a unique, calm and private space, allowing you to do what feels ‘right’.
Placement ceremonies within a barrow are often described as up-lifting, powerful and a positively moving experience.
Coffin at Willow Row Barrow Alternative Funeral Service at Barrows Funeral Service Pokemon