Alternative Funerals, Burials & Cremation

So what does ‘alternative’ really mean is it simply ‘not’ following tradition?

The process of commemoration adapts over time and arguably faith and social ritual plays a lesser part in the 21st century.

At Sacred Stones we make a couple of observations; firstly choice is increasing, and yet many are poorly informed about the process of ‘disposal’. Secondly, formulaic funerals clearly offer a degree of emotional support, but we’d strongly encourage families to ‘think outside the box’!

The disposal of a body and formal commemorative ritual is typically a single event. This doesn’t make much sense to us as the rituals around commemoration need time, space, and more importantly choice – a service at the crematorium provides none of these elements.

Here’s a brief summary of burial options:

Natural Burial / Green Burial / Woodland Burial

A more relaxed ritual commemorating a life in a ‘natural’ environment. By this we mean a rural setting rather than a municipal graveyard or memorial garden. The key element is the grave depth. Typically shallower thus allowing for a swifter return of the body to its natural elements into the soil.


Direct Cremation

We discuss this at length on our direct cremation ‘advice’ page. In summary a body is cremated without a formal ceremony, and not a time of choosing by the family. It does not mean the individual doesn’t receive the due care and respect during the process.

Home Funeral

This is hardly a ‘new’ or ‘alternative’ ritual, in fact it’s how funerals always took place. With the deceased lying at home for family and friends to pay their respect prior to any burials taking place. It is deservedly regaining popularity; why not take care of your parent, partner or child at home until the final farewell. Please call to discuss and well gladly refer to you a qualified expert.

Resomation (Also known as alkaline hydrolysis)

Promoted as a better alternative to burials or traditional cremation it involves using a water based liquid that reduces the body to ash. So it’s cremation without the heat.

For any more information about alternatives to funerals, burials and cremation or the services that we offer please get in touch, our team are more than happy to help.