What is Direct Cremation?

 A direct cremation service involves a funeral director taking a body into their care and completing the necessary paperwork.  There is no option to view the deceased, there will be no service at the crematorium. Once the cremation has taken place  ashes are returned to the family by the funeral director.

Because there is no service at a crematorium the cost is lower.

We strongly believe direct cremation should not be seen as an 'alternative' too  or indeed 'replace' the need for a funeral. 

Funerals and memorial services however defined are very important. They mark a significant moment in time and should be cherished.

Some facts about direct cremation:

  • It costs less than a traditional funeral. Average direct cremation service is £1,700 compared to £3,800*.
  • Many, but not all funeral directors offer direct cremation options. 
  • Direct Cremation is not a standardized term.
  • There are a handful of direct cremation service 'only' providers.


What is typically included?

  • Collection of the deceased 
  • Simple coffin (no choice)
  • Transport to the crematorium (no choice)
  • Doctors & Crematorium fee
  • Return of the ashes (check with the funeral director)

What’s not included?

  • Out of hours collection – Check with the funeral director
  • Dressing of the deceased
  • Viewing of the deceased
  • No ceremony or mourners at the crematorium.

(*) Average cost taken from: Royal London National Funeral Cost Index Report 2018.

At our barrows we witness intimate, beautiful, personalised ceremonies.

When ashes are ‘placed’ into your niche there are no time constraints, just a unique, calm, private space, allowing you to do what feels ‘right’.

Placement ceremonies within a barrow are often described as up-lifting, powerful and a positively moving experience.