Non Religious & Secular Funeral, Burial & Memorial Service Options

To be secular means not to be connected with religion, subjected to or bound by religious rule.

To be non-denominational means to be open to, but not characterised by one particular religion.

Our sites are open and available to anyone irrespective of their faith or beliefs’. Thus our barrows are inherently secular and non-denominational, but they are ‘spiritual’, and sacred to the families that use them.

Services at our sites can inherently be non-religious, with or without a celebrant. But if you’d like to have a religious funeral, burial or memorial service, with or without a religious leader, you are very welcome.

We simply ask that you respect the fact that not everyone is the same, and everyone is entitled to their own opinion and beliefs.

Practically, religious officials are kindly requested to only ‘bless’ the families niche and not the barrow or barrow site.

Humanists have a wonderfully simple rule of thumb, that being we are all given one life and we should live it. The terms ‘spiritual’ and humanist are not naturally happy bed fellows and yet if one considered that the adjective ‘spiritual’ can be used to describe a profound level of mental or emotional communion then perhaps there is room for two!

Non-religious funerals are welcome at our barrows. A memorial service can be held at a barrow with the coffin present before it is taken to the crematorium. Once the ashes are available the commemorative service can continue its journey.

When a burial, funeral or placement ceremony is taking place the venue is yours for the entire day at no cost. The only thing to consider is how elaborate you would like the service to be, and if you require loos!