The Open Prepaid Funeral Plan

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Think of the Plan as a savings pot – a highly tax efficient savings pot into which you put money specifically for funeral expenses.  That money will be ‘outside your estate’ and so exempt from inheritance tax.

The purpose of this plan is provide a transparent and simple method of saving.

You determine what is the right monthly subscription for you. Simply consider what plan is suitable and budget your monthly payments accordingly.

The pot of money is held by the Open Prepaid Funerals Trust fund where it is managed by a board of trustees. The assets of the Trust Fund are independently audited and an actuarial report is prepared by independent actuaries in line with the Financial Conduct authority’s guidelines.

One of the advantages of securing your niche is that it is available for all your family to use as and when they choose. Unlike other service providers we don’t dictate how many ashes are allowed into the niche, it is yours and you determine who should make use of it. The niche term can be extended, the renewal price only increases with inflation, and thus the barrow can service future generations of your family.

You can contact Open Prepaid Funeral Plans by:
Telephone: 0333 920 9308
The Funeral Plan market is very crowded; there are plenty of different plan providers. So how and why did we choose Open?

Firstly we wanted a plan that was transparent, performed and recommended. Secondly we needed a provider that shared our ethos regarding flexibility and value. Thirdly we listened to the ‘independent funeral industry’.

Our guiding light has been The Good Funeral Guide who sits in between the public and the funeral industry. They are independent, and critically non-for–profit; their goal is to provide unbiased, educated counsel.

To discuss Open Prepaid Funeral Plans please contact them directly. Alternatively don’t hesitate to call us and we will share our thoughts in person