Our barrows

Stepping inside the barrow a stillness descends. Niches line the walls. There is a central passageway bisecting the circular chamber which is illuminated by candles to bring a warm and natural radiance to the interior. 

The dressed limestone walls reach up to stone lintels which support the striking beehive shaped corbelled roof above. 

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Soulton Barrow.jpg
Soulton Long Barrow, Shropshire

Willow Row Barrow, Cambridgeshire

How we select sites for our long barrows

Sacred Stones select rural sites which root each barrow into the heart of the local landscape. 

The criteria for choosing a site is detailed and complex. We need to ensure that both the owners and the land chosen will serve the community for generations to come. We look forpeople who will act as guardians of the landscape.

We have several more sites under review. Call us to learn more or suggest where we should consider locating a barrow.


If you have a site for a barrow in mind, please contact us.