Sacred Stones Barrow Locations

Sacred Stones selects rural sites typical of each region, this helps to root each barrow into the heart of its local landscape. The creation of a Sacred Stones barrow in the countryside helps to preserve areas of natural beauty for future generations to enjoy.
Sacred Stones has ambitions to herald in an era of barrow building, not witnessed in the UK for over 5,000 years. The map details site locations in one of three phases: open – in build – identified/in planning process’
  • Green sites are complete and  have niches available.
  • Yellow sites are currently in the build process
  • Blue sites show sites that have been identified or are in the planning process.
  • Orange site is designed & built by Sacred Stones. Owned & managed by The Mid-England Barrow Co. More info here.


Contact us if you have a potential site that you would like to discuss.