Cambridgeshire: Willow Row Barrow

Nestling next to the village of Hail Weston, near St Neots, is Sacred Stones’ flagship barrow, Willow Row. Named after the willow trees that fringe the nearby brook, it's a peaceful haven for wildlife.

The barrow is a meaningful final resting place for cremation ashes, inspired by the ancient burial mounds of our prehistoric ancestors. The stone structure, 'a circle within a circle' is a monument of magnificent craftsmanship. The walls feature 390 niches for the cremation urns, candle light provides illumination.

Central chamber thru to entrance.jpg

Outside, the insulating, protective earthen roof ensures the interior is dry, peaceful and quiet, as befits a final resting place.


Unlike any other commemorative facility in the country Willow Row Barrow is hand crafted, offers varying terms (all renewable), allows families to pass the niche from generation to generation, and there is no restriction on how many sets of ashes are placed into a niche.

Here's a testimony from one of our first visitors:

'My husband and I saw Willow Row featured on Anglia TV and were very interested. We visited the site on the next open day and were so impressed with the very high standard of workmanship inside and outside. As soon as we entered the barrow we knew this was where we wanted our ashes to be placed when that time comes. The thought that our ashes will be together is very pleasing as we have been together in life for nearly 60 years. The site is so peaceful and we're so happy we decided to purchase a double niche'

Willow Row niche owners from St. Neots. 

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What's in side the barrow?

Take a closer look at the barrow interior with this illustration.

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Directions to Willow Row- Sat Nav Postcode: PE19 5JX
For a printable version of this map please click here

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Urns are placed on shelves within an alcove in the stone walls, this is called a niche.

Niches range in capacity from a single for one set of ashes, to a multiple-urn niche suitable for families. All niches come with a stone facade which can be personalised providing an opportunity to create a unique memorial.


single niche with felt urn.jpg

Medium Niches for Multiple Urns

This Niche is designed to hold more than one urn. We do not restrict the number of urns that can be placed into the niche. Approximate dimensions: 300mm x 355mm x 475mm, fixed terms of 15, 25 and 99 years are available, a stone facade for personalisation is included.

There are numerous options for the personalisation of a stone facade. E.G. Allowing for the urn(s) to be seen and touched, and yet remain secure.*

Larger Multiple/Family Niche

This is the largest option available, and can hold up to 5 urns (more depending on the urn size). Approximate dimensions 600mm x 375mm,  available for 99 years, and comes with a stone facade for personalisation. The larger niches are situated within the beautiful central chamber (below).


Niches for a single set of Ashes

Single niches are available for 99 years. Included in the purchase price of £1950 is a beautiful hand made felt urn and a stone facade which can be personalised.

Pictured left: The Felt urns fit into the single niches, have a velvet top with a ribbon drawstring and have been described as a 'hug'.

Dble detail.jpg

Medium Sized Niches
Urn in niche.jpg


Family:multi urn niche.jpg

Larger Multiple Urn Niche
Please note we do not restrict the number of urns placed in the Niches.