Willow Row Barrow, Cambridgeshire


Willow Row Barrow sits in a secluded spot in the Cambridgeshire countryside. It is a peaceful place to reflect and remember. The land has been looked after by the same family for nearly 200 years and is a haven for wildlife. A single standing stone is at the entrance of the site.

The barrow is circular with a domed roof. It has two circles of niches, enabling you to walk around the barrow without leaving the light. There is seating around the edge of each chamber. You can look out to the standing stone and the fields and sky beyond.

'We placed the ashes on the most beautiful sunny spring day with the sound of birdsong outside, we all felt being in the barrow had a profound uplifting effect. The whole experience has been amazingly positive at a time when it could have been total sadness' - Barbara, Hertfordshire

How to find Willow Row Barrow

Willow Row Barrow, Kimbolton Road, Hail Weston, St Neots PE19 5JX
Parking is available. Walk up the track from the car park to get to the barrow.
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The barrow is only open to the general public on open days.

Visit Willow Row Barrow

If you would like to arrange a visit to Willow Row Barrow, please call us on 01234 780 280 or fill in our contact form.
You can also come to one of our open days.

A legacy for generations to come

Willow Row sits on land which has been farmed by the Squire family for seven generations. Sir Peter Squire, official chemist to Queen Victoria, purchased the Bassmead Estate in 1845 to grow herbs for his renowned apothecary business in London. Today, the farm grows arable crops of wheat, barley, and oil-seed rape. It is owned by Richard and Cordelia Squire, who live on the farm with their three children. Richard has worked the land for 30 years while Cordelia is a physiotherapist and company director at Woodfield Physiotherapy Centre. She also manages the Squire’s wedding venue Bassmead Manor Barns.
They are both active members of the local community.


“We hope that Willow Row Barrow will offer a meaningful final resting place; a handcrafted monument set in the natural and peaceful countryside of Willow Row. For us, becoming custodians of such a unique monument has been a wonderful opportunity to recreate something very special. As guardians of the land we have a deep sense of continuity and look forward to the barrow being here for many generations to come, in fact forever.” - Richard and Cordelia Squire

Reserve a niche at Willow Row Barrow

We are taking reservations for niches at Willow Row Barrow. Please see the table below for prices.
 Niche type  Capacity  Term  Price (£)
 Single with Tree  1 Urn  1 year  £750
 Single Capsule  1 Urn  99 years  £1950
 Medium Niche  2+ Urns  15 years  £1500
 Medium Niche  2+ Urns  25 years  £2750
 Medium Niche  2+ Urns  99 years  £4800
 Large Niche  5+ Urns  99 years  £7000