The creation of Soulton Long Barrow, Shropshire continues. The new burial site,  inspired by ancient burial mounds has three standing stones placed to mark the journey to the barrow  and the first chamber has begun. The BBC visited us on site to  capture another part of this remarkable build.

Soulton Long Barrow is built on the historic Soulton Hall Estate, Shropshire.

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Shropshire: Soulton Long Barrow

Soulton Hall is an historic estate that has enjoyed continuous occupancy since before the Norman conquest. To Sacred Stones this heritage communicates more than a lesson in English history but very real evidence at how significant a home and community its been for so many.
From the Bronze Age ring-ditch and barrows on the farm to the Norman mote and bailey castle the landscape is steeped in precious English heritage.
It is here, together with Tim Ashton and his family Sacred Stones has built  a long barrow.
The criteria for choosing a site is detailed and complex. Essentially we need to ensure that both the owners and land chosen will serve community for generations to come. The sense of ‘guardianship’ is palpable on the farm as Tim together with his parents John and Ann strive to farm in an incredibly sensitive manner. Electing to farm with limited disruption to the soil and natural environment it is apparent that the Ashton family are model Guardians, not just as custodians of the immediate landscape but also the community it has served, and will continue to serve.

The site selected sits to the north of the main hall. Set between two natural ponds each surrounded by trees. The unencumbered 360 degree vista of the Shropshire landscape is magical, notably with fine views of Hawkstone Hill.

Further details of the long barrow are available. If you would like to be kept update please let us know by emailing your interest to : or by calling 01234 780 280



Three limestone monoliths have been laid to mark the path to Shropshire's first burial mound in 5,000 years. Read more here 

Soulton Long Barrow Standing stones

BBC Shropshire have covered the project in the short video above

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