Soulton Long Barrow, Shropshire

Three standing stones mark the way to Soulton Long Barrow. The burial mound is aligned to the rising sun on Midsummer’s Day. It is set between two natural ponds, each surrounded by trees. There is a clear view across the Shropshire landscape, with fine views of Hawkstone Hill.


How to find Soulton Long Barrow

Soulton Hall, B5065, Soulton, Wem, Shrewsbury SY4 5RS

The nearest railway stations are Wem, 2 miles away, and Shrewsbury, 10 miles away. Arriva’s 511 bus service runs between Shrewsbury and Whitchurch. You need to request the Soulton Hall stop.
To get to the barrow, follow the farm track opposite the Hall. Three standing stones will lead the way.

The barrow is only open to the general public on open days.

Visit Soulton Long Barrow

To arrange a visit to Soulton Long Barrow, please call us on 01234 780 280 or fill in our contact form.

We hold regular open days for people to come and look around the site.

A site steeped in history

Soulton Hall is a historic estate that has enjoyed continuous occupancy since before the Norman conquest. Tim Ashton, of Soulton Hall, farms the land with his family. He has fond memories of holidaying near a barrow on Anglesey, called Barclodiad y Gawres (Apronful Of
The Giantess). He was fascinated by the monument as a child and that wonder has never left him.

He is friends with Tim Daw, who owns The Long Barrow at All Cannings, and chose to create a barrow on his land. Tim Ashton worked closely with Cambridge University to ensure the development of Soulton Long Barrow was in line with the historical record. He also travelled
around the country looking at long barrows.

We are delighted to have been able to work with Tim to create Soulton Long Barrow. The sense of guardianship on the farm is palpable as Tim, together with his parents John and Ann, strive to farm in an incredibly sensitive manner. Electing to farm with limited disruption to the soil and
natural environment, it is apparent that the Ashton family are model guardians, not just as custodians of the immediate landscape but also the community it has served and will continue to serve.

Reserve a niche at Soulton Long Barrow

There will be two chambers at Soulton Long Barrow. The first one opened in 2018.

soulton interior.jpg

We are taking reservations for niches at Soulton Long Barrow. Please see the table below for prices.
 Niche type  Capacity  Term  Price (£)
 Single with Tree  1 Urn  1 year  £750
 Single Capsule  1 Urn  99 years  £1950
 Double Niche with Tree  2 Urns only  1 year  £1000
 Double Niche  2 Urns only  25 years  £2350
 Double Niche  2 Urns only  99 years  £2750
 Medium Niche  2+ Urns  15 years  £1500
 Medium Niche  2+ Urns  25 years  £2750
 Medium Niche  2+ Urns  99 years  £4800
 Large Niche  5+ Urns  99 years  £7000