Wills & 'My Funeral Wishes'

Wills and last wishes. Why they are very important.

Have you asked yourself “how can I express my funeral wishes?”

The best way is to write a will. However most people in the UK don’t write a will. It is therefore little wonder even fewer people communicate what their final wishes might be.

So what is the ‘value’ in writing a will?

With no Will in place, when you die the law will decide who benefits from what you leave behind (known as your ‘estate’). Your spouse or partner (if you are not married) may or may not be the beneficiary of your estate. Equally with no surviving parent with parental responsibility of your child (children) under 18, you won’t have a say who will be their legal guardian. It could be a stranger.

If you can appreciate the saying: “death is for the living”

Consider this, when we die the world around our families and friends stops, potentially for some time. At this point one thing your nearest and dearest need is help. In not expressing your wishes your legacy will initially be pretty unhelpful. So take a moment to write your Will, and express your wishes, it’s not for you but for those who are mourning a loss.

Do it, there is no excuse, and it will be invaluable to those you leave.

How can I express my funeral and last wishes?

Simply, concisely and clearly. Essentially it’s a list detailing how and where, what music, what tone you want set when the time comes. The important thing to do, is do it.

Make sure your family/solicitor/next of kin are made aware of your wishes, and where they can be found (best keep them with the Will).

If you need an introduction to a professional Will writing service please just call us and we’ll put you in touch with the best people to help.