Columbarium Burial & Niche Options

Columbarium is not a commonly used term, it derives from Latin and literally means ‘pigeon-house’, from Columba meaning ‘pigeon’.

Memorial gardens and crematoriums will, when offering a storage facility for cremation urns will describe them as:

  • Niche(s)
  • Columbarium niche(s)
  • Ashes vault
  • Above ground ashes vault

Essentially they all mean the same thing. It is a secure space in which cremation urns are placed for safe storage.

There is a fundamental difference between a Sacred Stones niche and a niche/ashes vault found in a crematorium or memorial garden.

  • A Sacred Stones niche is entirely hand crafted unlike the alternative which is pre-fabricated
  • We do not dictate how many sets of ashes are placed within our niches
  • A Sacred Stones niche can be gifted and used by your next generation.
  • The niche façade gifted to you by Sacred Stones is prepared by hand.
  • Our niche façade’s can have an aperture carved allowing you to view and touch the urn(s).
  • Our ‘Family Niches’ can comfortably hold five standard sized urns.