Prepaid Funeral Plans: Advice and Costs in the UK

Funeral Plans are marred in controversy. They are provided by various institutions and the ‘industry’ as it is, is unregulated.

The principle areas to research and consider are:

  • Will the plan actually cover the funerals costs?
  • How flexible is the plan?
  • What are the costs, do they change or increase over time, what impact will this have?
  • How is my money protected?


We have taken time to review and vet a number of prepaid Plan Providers for funerals in the UK and believe that customers should be provided with:

  • Choice
  • Transparency
  • Assurance

To cut a long story short we also took counsel from the only independent non-for-profit organisation representing the public’s interest in the UK (The Good Funeral Guide) and adopted their chosen Plan Provider.

Open Prepaid Funeral Plans

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