What To Do With Ashes in the UK?

It is surprising to note that often people simple don’t know what to do, or indeed haven’t recorded their wishes so we are left to ask “what to do with ashes?”

Statistically most ashes are removed from the crematorium, but we are discovering that often families don’t know what to do with them. Here are some numbers from the Cremation Society of Great Britain 2015:

74% - removed from the crematorium (destination unknown)

18% - strewn at the crematorium

6% - interred at the crematorium

2% - retained pending instructions

What does the Law say?

In the UK the law regarding ashes is reasonably relaxed. There is nothing explicit in the legislation restricting the disposal of ashes.

Transferring to another country instead of choosing to scatter or inter in the UK probably does deserve some research and thus we’d encourage you to contact the embassy of the country you are travelling too (to scatter or inter).

Issues might arise if you wish to scatter (or inter) on land you don’t own. This may seem obvious but do be careful. We know that woodland (private or public), formal gardens, ancient monuments (e.g. Stonehenge) are popular scattering venues, and the staff responsible are ‘challenged’ by this problem (as they see it).

At Sacred Stones if you would like a niche for a short period (e.g. 5 years) and want to scatter ashes within a barrow site at a later date you are welcome to do so, we have no restrictions, and we do not charge for scattering. All we ask is for families to be considerate and pragmatic. We have established barrows in the UK with more planned to be built in the near future, take a look at our locations for more information.

So what else can you do?

  • Combine with jewellery
  • Make into a diamond (yes this can be done!)
  • Scatter with help from a firework, a plane, a balloon
  • Combine a small amount in a pen or walking stick

There are seemingly endless possibilities, just call us to discuss.