Honour,  Scatter and  Nuture at our Barrow sites

Talking to families we hear not knowing what to do with ashes is a complex challenge.

We have  a gentle way to resolve the challenge:

Place the ashes in the barrow for a year.  On the placement anniversary, either scatter and plant a memorial tree, or renew for another year. 

Included in this service:

  • Handmade felt urn
  • Stone niche cover (personalisation additional cost)
  • Use of the barrow for your commemorative service
  • A young native tree (stake and guard)*

Please call to discuss: 01234 780 280

* We source our trees and planting advice from The Woodland Trust
Single_niche_cover.jpg single_niche_with_felt_urn.jpg
Pictured above Stone facade on a single niche (Left)
Felt urns placed in single niches  (Right)