Niche Options available in our Barrows
Urns are placed in an alcove set in the stone walls, this is called a niche. Niches range in size from a 'single' for one set of ashes, to a multiple-urn niche suitable for families.  All niches come with a stone facade which can be personalised.  Some families choose to have stained glass doors which can be opended.  We work with you to create a unique memorial.  
Reserving a niche; simply call us on 01234 780280
Pricing information can be found here.
Uffington Horse Stained Glass Niche Cover

Examples of personalised niche covers can be found here.
Stone Memorial hands niche cover

Personalisation inspired by a sketch.
Niche Options

All niches come with a stone facade. Personalisation of the facade is not included in the price.

Terms for 1yr, 15yr and 25yrs can be renewed. 

Single Niche
Single niches are available for 1yr or 99 years. They are designed for one set of ashes only. We give you a hand made felt urn, and a stone facade which can be personalised.
Pictured left: The Felt urns fit into the single niches.
Medium Niche 
This niche is designed to hold more than one urn. We do not restrict how many sets of ashes are placed into the niche. Approximate dimensions: 300mm x 355mm x 475mm, fixed terms of 15, 25 and 99 years are available, a stone facade for personalisation is included.
There are numerous options for the personalisation of a niche facade. E.G. Allowing the urn(s) to be seen, touched, accessed and yet remain secure. 

Large Niche
The largest option available accomodating up to 5 urns (more depending on the urn size). Approximate dimensions 600mm x 375mm,  available for 99 years. We do not restrict the number of ashes placed in the niche.
Large Niche Memorial Covers at Willow Row Barrow
Willow Row Barrow Central Chamber


Single_Niche_Cover_Stone Carving