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Images of  Willow Row Barrow / Soulton Long Barrow 

A Natural Green Burial Ground Alternative

Imagine a very special place. Family and friends can come together here, sharing their memories of someone's life exactly the way they want to.

This is Willow Row Barrow.

Everyone's hopes for resting in peace are a little different. Our barrows are hand-crafted, tucked away in beautiful rural locations. 

They are secular locations. There are no rules about religion or ritual, which songs you may sing, or how loudly you laugh or cry. We let wild flowers grow here. There's a gentle light, night and day.

Use the barrow(s) for fixed terms, then renew or scatter as you wish.

Barrow Open days & Private Ceremonies:

Willow Row Barrow - Cambridgeshire, PE19 5JX.

Sunday 14th October - Public Open Day 10am-2pm

Soulton Long Barrow - Shropshire, SY4 5RS

Next Open day TBC shortly 


For private viewings or advice please  contact us

TELEPHONE: 01234 780 280

Celebrating life in the living landscape

Hold your funeral or memorial service with no time limit, no fee and complete flexibility.

Unlike crematoriums our service includes:
* Flexible, renewable terms 1- 99 years
* Niches can be passed to children and grandchildren
* No restriction on number of ashes in a niche
* Hold services with no time limit, at no cost

Honour, Scatter and Nuture.
Honour your loved one - Use the barrow for a year, scatter or renew, plant a tree (gifted by Sacred Stones)

"We placed the ashes on the most beautiful sunny spring day. The whole experience has been amazingly positive at a time when it could have been total sadness"

Barbara - April 2017


Testimony recorded by the BBC at an open day hosted by Sacred Stones
Daily Mail
Return of the death mound: Neolithic-style tombs are back in fashion after 5,000 years
We placed the ashes on the most beautiful sunny spring day with the sound of birdsong outside........Testimony here

BBC Midlands Live-
Latest from the Soulton Long Barrow Build

Hopleys close up.jpg

An introduction to Willow Row Barrow, Cambridgeshire

How to Reserve an Niche. What types of Niches are available?

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The Independent Video: Part 1: Bringing back the Barrow

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BBC Film placement of three monoliths for the new Long Barrow in Shropshire. More here
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Why a Barrow? 
Niche owners and visitors share thoughts and testimonies here