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Images of  Willow Row Barrow / Soulton Long Barrow 

Beautiful places for cremation ashes

Choosing a final resting place for cremation ashes is a personal decision. Everyone's hopes for resting in peace are a little different. Our hand-crafted barrows set in beautiful rural locations, allow you space, time and a place to wonder.
Our sympathetic team will help you choose a niche within a barrow where you can place cremation ashes and visit whenever you want. Arrange to visit a barrow and speak to us about your needs. 

To learn more call 01234 780 280

Memorial Services 

  • Our barrows are available for services, irrespective of a family owning a niche or not
  • Use of the barrow is Free of Charge for niche owners
  • A modest fee is charged for families using the barrow who don't own a niche
  • Guest numbers are limited, call to discuss
  • Please DO NOT attend a service if anyone in your household has Covid -19 symptoms
  • The barrow gate will be disinfected prior to and after your service
  • Guests are asked to observe social distancing
  • Services can be held on any week day (subject to availability) between 9am - 5pm
  • Guidance for arranging services
  • The Government's latest advice latest can be found here:  Gov.UK

Freedom to celebrate your loved one’s life as you wish

Let us help you create a funeral or memorial service that best honours the person whose life you are celebrating.

Our barrows provide a beautiful resting place with no restrictions about religion or ritual, which songs you may sing, how loudly you laugh or cry, or how long your service can take. Use of the barrow is free for the day of your service.

Your loved one’s ashes will be placed inside a niche with a stone facade. It is possible to commission a personalised design for the facade or a glass panel which can be opened if you wish to access to the urn. Single, double and multi-urn niches are available, and you can pass them to your next generation.

A place of pilgrimage

Talking to people about their experience of being in the barrow, they say it feels like coming home. Walking up to the barrow gives you time to settle your mind and leave everyday life behind.

Open Days & Private Ceremonies:

Public open days use an appointment based system: 

Willow Row Barrow 
We will be hosting an open day in January 2021. Date to be confirmed.

Soulton Long Barrow

Mon 21st December 2020 2.45pm - 5.00 pm Winter Solstice at Soulton Long Barrow.
A limited number of tickets for this event available here.

For private viewings or advice please  contact us

BBCCountryfile Soulton Long Barrow
As seen on BBC Countryfile

In this short film families talk openly about their own barrow experiences.

What we offer

●   An alternative to crematorium-based services &   memorials.
●  A funeral or memorial service. Use of the barrow is free of charge & without time constraints.
●  Niches for single urns, couples & families. All niches come with a stone facade.
●   No limit on how many sets of ashes are placed within a multi-urn niche.
●   Scattering ashes and tree planting options.
●   Flexible, renewable terms.
●    Pass your niche to your children.

Visit us

We currently have two barrows open to the public:
Willow Row Barrow in Cambridgeshire
Soulton Long Barrow in Shropshire
We also designed and built the Mid-England Barrow in Warwickshire.

We hold regular open days at our barrows. Take a walk around the site, see what it is like inside, and ask us any questions you wish. Find out more and see the dates for our upcoming open days.

What people say about choosing a barrow:

“The barrow, its shape, its natural stone, its location, instantly gave me the same feeling of the past being an essential part of the present, of our lives being a shared history. Of peace and calm and connection. And I am drawn to the barrow as a place of rest and pilgrimage for exactly those reasons.” - Anna

" I have never seen anything quite as spectacular as Willow Row barrow. After losing my brother-in-law, it was imperative to find something as beautiful as his soul for him to rest and this is exactly what we found here at Willow Row barrow." - Alix



Testimony recorded by the BBC at an open day hosted by Sacred Stones
Soulton Long Barrow at Night
The Guardian
Tomb with a view: why burial mounds are a better way to go.
By Oliver Wainwright
We placed the ashes on the most beautiful sunny spring day with the sound of birdsong outside........Testimony here

BBC Midlands Live-
Latest from the Soulton Long Barrow Build

Willow Row Central chamber lit up

An introduction to Willow Row Barrow, Cambridgeshire
Medium Niches at Willow Row Barrow

How to Reserve an Niche. What types of Niches are available?

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The Independent Video: Part 1: Bringing back the Barrow
Winner 2017 Good Funeral Guide Awards

Voted the best for 'What to do with Cremation ashes' 
Sacred Stones win a 'Death Oscar' at The Good Funeral Guide Awards 2017

BBC Film placement of three monoliths for the new Long Barrow in Shropshire. More here
gfg-recommended-2020-web.jpgIndustry accolade awarded by The Good Funeral Guide - Read more here
Willow Row Barrow Outside

Why a Barrow? 
Niche owners and visitors share thoughts and testimonies here