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These images are of  Willow Row Barrow, Cambridgeshire. 

A Natural Green Burial Ground Alternative...

Willow Row Barrow is open to visitors everyday. For internal private viewings please contact us

Barrow Open Day 22nd October 10am-2pm.
Sound Therapy day at Willow Row Barrow Sunday 1st October. More info here

Celebrating life in the living landscape

We design, build and administer hand-crafted monuments for cremation ashes. Our structures are interpretations of ancient burial mounds, or barrows as they are commonly known. All our sites offer beautiful, secular venues for everyone, irrespective of their faiths or beliefs.

Unlike crematoriums and memorial gardens we offer:
* Renewable terms of up to 99 years.
* Niches can be passed to your children.
* We don't dictate how many sets of ashes are placed into      a niche.
* Commemorative services can be hosted with no time              limit, at no cost.

Our barrows are a unique alternative to a traditional funeral or memorial, they are perfect for those seeking a natural, woodland or green burial ground.


Here's a testimony of a barrow community member recorded by the BBC at a recent open day hosted by Sacred Stones

Sacred Stones win an award at The Good Funeral Guide Awards 2017 and have been voted the best in 2017 for 'What to do with Cremation ashes' .
We placed the ashes on the most beautiful sunny spring day with the sound of birdsong outside........Testimony here

Why a Barrow? 
Niche owners and visitors share thoughts and testimonies here

Hopleys close up.jpg

An introduction to Willow Row Barrow, West Cambridgeshire

How to Reserve an Niche. What types of Niches are available in our barrows?

Plan for the future- purchase a niche at our barrows and plan your funeral with a simple savings plan. More info here

The Independent Video: The Corpse Project Part 1: Bringing back the Barrow

View our barrow site locations page

Sound Therapy Day at Willow Row Barrow on Sun 1st Oct 10am - 5pm. More info here

Sacred Stone's Willow Row Barrow received its first industry accolade from The Good Funeral Guide- Read more here